Base Prices Guide

This price guide outlines our base starting pricing for a basic treatment including cleaning, deacidifying and pressing.

The base price does NOT include processes such as frame removal, debacking or dematting, mounting to archival material, mold or mildew treatment, retouching and significant tape removal.

Documents $175 - $425
Newspapers $150 - $425
Photographs $100 - $425
Posters $325 - $750
Prints $250 - $750
Small Maps $325 - $675
Vellum $200 - $400
Wall Maps $2.5K - $6K
Watercolors $425 - $725

Price ranges reflect variations in each type of item, dimensions, and scope of the basic treatment. Items with any edge length 40" or greater may be priced higher than the ranges above.

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