Document Conservation, Restoration, Mold Remediation, Patching, Pressing, Encapsulation, Mounting & More

ACA Paper Restoration provides family document conservation and family document restoration services including deacidifying, patching, pressing, mold remediation, archival mounting and encapsulation (protecting a piece in a custom made clear polyester sleeve). We remove backings, mats, tape, labels and other materials detrimental to a work on paper.

We can also remove superficial dirt and residues from family documents. However, cleaning staining is usually prohibitive. Ink writing, such as a signature or calligraphy, carries a high risk of fading and/or bleeding if exposed to a cleaning treatment. It is therefore especially important to conserve a document before its appearance and condition worsen.

Family documents we restore include marriage certificates, birth certificates, religious documents (ketubah, confirmation certificate, etc.), naturalization papers, letters, passports, diplomas and military records.

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